While it feels good to start up again and dig in to a cool new project it’s still difficult for me to write about. I have been encouraged by my wife, Anna, to chronicle this experience as we go through it. I have a more visceral drive when I’m starting something like this, I just like feverishly building and working. The thoughtful side is a bit hard for me and frankly I worry about being a little narcissistic so bear with me.

Fortunately we’re still in the development stage of the site so I am really addressing an empty room for the most part. I’ll use this space to get more comfortable with the idea of blogging.
Well hello.

I have been working on lux-O-mat on and off for about 7 years now, building 3D printers and CNC machines, learning how to laser cut, waterjet cut and even weld in my spare time.

It feels good to be in the final stages, getting ready to launch. We’ve had some good meetings with Teran at Fundable and think we have a game plan to be ready in about a month. We’re going to do some crowdfunding just to see if people like us at all and then start looking for equity investors to scale up with the test location and site platform.

I wish I was a better designer, or engineer for that matter. I see the world in pieces, steps and processes to be refined, waste to be removed. I’m not a stopwatch clutching slave driver though, the goal has always been to make people’s lives easier.

When I look at what designers and makers create though, I am a little envious, my designs always seem a little inelegant. If you want it done repeatedly, perfectly, well then I’m your guy. This is why I’m really hoping to attract designers to this site, I see a near-completely decentralized manufacturing structure in the future. No more making millions of a thing to keep the price low, we can flatten out, buying hi- and lo-tech from our community. I see the singularity coming up fast, faster than most people think. I see us being able to eliminate global poverty save for political holdouts, local hydroponic greenhouses and maker hubs erasing the food desert and providing employment and a sense of ownership.

OK, getting a little preachy out here. So that’s probably all for today, trying to lay off the coffee for a little while and I only drink it on Sundays now. I am getting a little excitable at this point, so we’ll try again tomorrow. Working on a buddy’s wine equipment project and having a blast doing it, so I’m looking forward for the weekend to actually end.

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